Bill Dandridge


It IS easy being green, don’t believe Kermit the Frog

The accolades for the Bull City have been piling up as of late, and the most recent one will certainly add allure to our well-balanced city. Some of our recent kudos are listed on the scroll at Durham’s website. In a May issue of US News & World Report, it is reported that the Durham-Chapel Hill area of North Carolina is the place that represents the greatest amount of sexual equality in… Read More

Home Sellers: A Deck May Make the Difference With spring in the air, the exterior of a home becomes even more important when putting your house on the market because buyers now will spend more time outside looking at your property and envisioning what their summer barbeques and family playtime will look like. The addition of any amount of usable real estate to a property increases value. Customized decks and personalized outdoor… Read More

Our beloved Bull City has taken another step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly, less energy consumptive, and ultimately, saving its citizen-taxpayers money in utility costs. I have blogged in the past about other environmental initiatives that Durham has taken, and this is yet another. Firefighters in Stations 8, 14, and 16 are the fortunate ones who are are able to benefit from using the sun’s solar energy to naturally heat their water. These… Read More

  When people enter your home they usually look down before up, so that first step is vital for attracting a homebuyer and making a great first impression. This is one reason why more people are installing hardwood floors in their homes. Hardwood flooring enhances the look of any room and can create a classic ambiance that will beautify the interior design of your home. Residential real estate agents agree that homes… Read More

In my household, Spring is more than only about cleaning. I also reevaluate ways that we use energy and water, and take steps to minimize our carbon footprint. One website that I came across recently that helped me operate our systems more efficiently is one that comes from eco architect Eric Corey Freed. His website offers great advice to help everyone to reduce the utility bills in their home. Eric Freed’s advice… Read More

Alright everyone, mark your calendars, if they are not already properly highlighted – March 19-26 is Durham’s Third Annual Creek Week 2011! This focus on our watersheds is extremely important because it is imperative that we keep the water in our creeks fresh and clean. Heck, Durham County’s own Falls Lake is the main water source for the capitol city of Raleigh. Also, our body is between 53 and 70 percent water,… Read More

Make Sure Your Home Stands Tall in a Competitive Market Home sellers today must convince a new era of buyers returning to the market that their homes stand for value and quality. The time-honored open house event remains a terrific way to expose your property to many consumers and gain distinction from the competition. While your real estate professional will advertise and manage the event, it is up to you to ensure… Read More

Our own DPAC has vaulted to the national top-10 in sheer attendance levels for US Theaters for 2010. The high-quality shows that will continue though this year can be found on their website. The coming attractions include:  comedians Jerry Seinfeld, Wanda Sykes, Brian Regan, and Carol Burnette; musical performances by John Mellancamp, the Celtic Women, Diana Ross, and the multi-talented Steve Martin with the Steep Canyon Rangers; stage productions Avenue Q, Hair,… Read More

Home Sellers: Five Tips to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out Every homebuyer has a vision of their perfect house and the rooms that are most important to them. Because of their relatively small size in comparison to the rest of a home, bathrooms are often overlooked in the staging process, but for many, it could be the most important room in a buying decision. A bathroom is more than just a place… Read More