Bill Dandridge


Duke Park

A new and hopeful owner has bought this lovely house, and is very excited to become a member of our neighborhood – Duke Park!

Address: 1214 Cornell Street, Durham, NC 27707 List Price:  $79,900 Sale Price:  $75,250 Neighborhood:  Lyon Park Square Footage:  1008 Bedrooms:  3 Bathrooms:  2 Lot Size:  .09 acre

In Durham, we finally completed the Neighborhood Energy Retrofit Program earlier this year, and the City hired a great videographer, Kenny Dalsheimer, to create a video about the success of the program. Watch this video to learn what we have done in Durham to reduce our collective carbon footprint, and to reduce the utility bills of hundreds of houses.

Address: 3006 Trevor Court, Efland, NC List Price:  $379,000 Sale Price:  $380,000 Neighborhood:  Trevors Place Square Feet:  3400 Bedrooms:  4 Bathrooms:  3/1 Lot Size:  3.13 acres

List Price: $70,000 Sale Price:  $60,000 Neighborhood:  Poplar Ridge Square Feet:  2270 Bedrooms:  3 Bathrooms:  2/1 Lot Size:  2.02 acres

Address: 209 West Markham Avenue, Durha, NC 27701 List Price: $299,000 Sale Price: $293,000 Neighborhood: Duke Park Square Feet: 1792 Bedrooms: 4 Bathrooms: 2 Lot size: 0.17 acre

List price: $329,000 3 bedrooms 2 bathrooms 1810 square feet in house 1196 square feet in garage and studio Built in 1927

I know that at this time of year we need to focus on weight reduction (okay, maybe just me), but I must sing the praises of a great restaurant that opened earlier this year in downtown Durham, NC. I recently brought some out-of-town relatives there on a vist for a post-Thanksgiving meal, and they were duly impressed. Bull City Burger and Brewery is located on Parrish Street, between Mangum and Roxboro Streets,… Read More

We are very fortunate in Durham, NC to have the world-class DPAC that opened here in the Bull City November 30, 2008. Last year I wrote a blog which stated that in 2010 DPAC reached the top-10 list (number 9) of most attended performance venues in the United States. I wrote that with the schedule that we had for 2011, I was sure that ranking would rise for the upcoming year. DPAC… Read More

Real estate consumers today can find ample value in distressed homes – properties that are under a foreclosure order or up for short sale. In many cases, however, “distressed” speaks more for the condition of the homes than their recent financial histories, as they’ve sat empty for extended periods and have been subject to vandalism and theft. Those considering homes in need of repair and renovation should consider a 203k mortgage, which… Read More