My Services for Buyers


Sellers, not buyers, incur the cost of my services as a licensed real estate agent. As the buyer, you simply search for your next home, write up an offer with me, which I present to the listing agent, purchase home inspections, work with your mortgage lender, and sign on the dotted line at closing if all goes well. Below is an outline of my services as a real estate broker and the timeline of a typical transaction from start to finish.

Representation. As your sole real estate agent, I work exclusively for you, the buyer. I approach every aspect of the transaction, from the offer and purchase contract to the home inspection and final walk-through, with your best interests in mind. I can also act as a guide throughout the entire process, recommending the best routes around the hurdles that can pop up along the way.

Financing. Before embarking on your home search, you most likely have thought of how to finance your home. At this point, you should be in talks with potential lenders or at least be equipped with a pre-qualification letter so that you know what price range to search within. If not, I can put you in touch with a variety of mortgage brokers and lenders who can research financing options for you.

Information. I have up-to-the-minute access to all the properties in the area currently listed with the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). I can show you all the properties for sale at any given moment that meet your specific requirements.

Access. As a broker, I have key access to all properties currently for sale within the MLS. I preview the homes that, on paper at least, meet your requirements in an effort to narrow down the possibilities for you. I make all the arrangements with the listing agent and/or the sellers for you see inside the homes you choose. I also accompany you on your visits inside the homes to get your valuable feedback and to save you from having to deal directly with the sellers.

The Contract. Once you’ve found your ideal home, we sit down and write up an offer. I research recent home sales in the area to help you determine the best price to offer, given the home’s assessed value, the area, the home’s condition, and your interest in the property. If you can’t live without it, we’ll determine the right mix of offer price and contingencies to favor acceptance.

Inspections. After both parties agree to and ratify the contract, both must perform a series of inspections of the property. The buyer hires a licensed home inspector. Also, the buyer will hire a termite inspector, possibly a radon inspector, and a structural engineer if problems are uncovered during the home inspection process. If any or all inspections uncover problems, the buyer can require the seller to make repairs, up to a certain dollar amount specified in the contract. As the buyer,  your contract will provide a contingency for the home inspection, enabling you to walk away from the contract without legal ramifications if significant, unforeseen problems arise as a result of the home inspection.

Countdown to Closing. The weeks leading up to closing involve the work of many parties: a loan officer to prepare the documents for your loan, an underwriter to back your loan, a title search company to clear the property, an insurance agent to insure the property, a lawyer to prepare the closing documents, the listing agent to coordinate inspections, and the buyer’s agent to arrange for the home inspection and to coordinate the work of all parties involved.

Closing Costs. Once all documents are in order and inspections and repairs have been made, you may perform a final walk-though of the property. As the closing date nears, the closing agents will be able to specify the exact amount of the closing costs you will be required to pay on the day of closing. If you have elected not to finance closing costs, you will need to arrange to bring a cashier’s check in the exact amount to the closing. At the closing, which takes place on the day and at the time specified in the purchase agreement, you will sign the final documents, pay closing costs, and receive the keys to your new home.

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