Saltbox Seafood Joint – Durham, NC

Durham has recently received the accolade as being the Tastiest Town in the South presented by Southern Living magazine. While the article lists several seminal restaurants here in the Bull City, it does have at least one significant oversight.


Saltbox storefront



Saltbox Seafood Joint is a tasty fish joint that offers fresh from the coast fish (“local fish, freshly cooked”) that the proprietor orders from a fish cooperative in Durham called Walking-Fish. That company is based on the concept of a CSA (community-supported agriculture), and twists that a bit to create a CSF (community-supported fishery). The restaurant opens at 11:00 am and is open until 7:00 pm, or whenever the fish runs out. It is open Tuesday through Saturday.


Description: altbox menu


The fish are served in two styles,the first of which is shown in the photo above (basically a sub with the fish as the primary star). Below is the other way that the fish are served, as plates.


Saltobs menu 2


The proprietor is Ricky Moore, who you may recognize as a contestant from the great television show, Iron Chef. Chef Ricky was born in New Bern, NC, and we are fortunate enough to live in Durham, where he now brings his love of the flavors of the coast to us landlubbers.


Ricky Moore

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