Bull City Burger and Brew

I know that at this time of year we need to focus on weight reduction (okay, maybe just me), but I must sing the praises of a great restaurant that opened earlier this year in downtown Durham, NC. I recently brought some out-of-town relatives there on a vist for a post-Thanksgiving meal, and they were duly impressed.

Bull City Burger and Brewery is located on Parrish Street, between Mangum and Roxboro Streets, in the rapidly developing downtown area of Durham. On my second visit, I had a group of seven eating there with me. This included some in-laws that I wished to impress with the cosmopolitan nature of Durham that has changed significantly since they lived nearby many years ago.

The biggest draw for this great new eatery is the grass-fed, North Carolina-bred beef that they serve. The hormone- and additive-free burgers are the most flavorful that I have ever tasted. In the past, the hightlight of my burgers seemingly has been the toppings that I choose to place on them. Here, the locally produced lettuce, onions, and pickles greatly complemented the flavor of the all-American sandwich. The meal was fantastic, and came with both types of French fries that they serve (I shared with my wife and my son). Please click on the link above to see the full menu, so that you might see the full range of food that they offer.

The on-site brewery is also a huge attraction. This is the third brewery located in downtown Durham (see also Fullsteam Brewery and Triangle Brewery Company), and the newest is the first with a full-service restaurant attached. On my first visit I had the Parrish Street Pale Ale, and it was hoppy and refreshing like a traditional pale ale, but tasted much fresher because it was only days old.

I was delighted to find my favorite style of beer on my second visit – an oatmeal stout. The Watts Oatmeal Stout had a wonderfully chocolaty and malty finish and had only finished brewing three days before I had my pint. Another experimental keg (which unfortunately had been consumed the night before) was the Watts Oatmeal Stout with both coffee and cinnamon added. I learned from this experience that I need to sign up for email alerts on the Bull City Burger and Brewery homepage so I know when new kegs come on tap!

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