Three Fire Stations Get Solar Hot Water

Our beloved Bull City has taken another step toward becoming more environmentally-friendly, less energy consumptive, and ultimately, saving its citizen-taxpayers money in utility costs. I have blogged in the past about other environmental initiatives that Durham has taken, and this is yet another.

Firefighters in Stations 8, 14, and 16 are the fortunate ones who are are able to benefit from using the sun’s solar energy to naturally heat their water. These firehouses still have radiators and boilers to provide heat for the rooms, but the boilers will be used less frequently because of the new solar panels that were added to the roofs of the three buildings.

The manager of Durham’s Sustainability Office, Tobin Freid, said, “The installation of these systems will help the City meet its greenhouse gas objectives by reducing carbon dioxide emissions by five metric tons annually.”

These three firehouses are the third, fourth, and fifth of Durham’s fire stations to get this treatment, because Fire Stations 12 an 15 already have implemented these energy saving measures.

To learn more about this project and other environmental initiatives that Durham has in place, please visit Durham’s website.

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